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QTPA Member Alert |FIRE ANTS ON THE MARCH IN 2013 (21/6/2013)


Further to our recent Turf Alert,  turf producers in south-east Queensland need to be aware that a considerable number of infestations have been detected over the past 12 months in Sheldon, Mount Cotton and Alexandra Hills in the South East suburbs of Brisbane.

Fortunately no instance of infestations have been found in the surrounding suburbs of Cleveland, Ormiston, Wellington Point, Birkdale or Thornside. The latest crackdown on Fire Ants involves two helicopters, equipped with heat sensor cameras, conducting daily surveys to detect the ants underground nests. Biosecurity Queensland Control Centre Director Neil O’Brien, advises that in good weather and in the cooler months, each camera photographed up to 750 ha a day from heights of 152 m. Once detected the nests are injected with the bait that neuters the Queen Ant.

This is a timely warning for Turf Queensland members who supply product into south-east Queensland to be on the lookout for fire ants on their properties and in their initial inspections of sites.

Turf producers can obtain the required qualifications to undertake “Red Imported Fire Ant” property inspections themselves without calling the state government inspectors.

Also below is a link to the latest map on Fire Ant activity.


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