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QTPA Member Alert | Queensland State Government Six Month Action Plan (January–June 2013) (21/1/13)

Queensland State Government Six Month Action Plan (January–June 2013)

Below is a further breakout of issues relating to horticulture, agriculture and the turf production industry that will be of interest to our members.

Economic Growth and Infrastructure Development

  • Launch a 30 year strategic plan for Queensland agriculture.
  • Implement the Horticulture Workforce Action Plan.
  • Develop priorities for rebuilding research and development for barley breeding and irrigated agronomy.
  • Appoint an agronomist in the central highlands.
  • Complete and release the Agricultural Land Audit Report.
  • Establish a new committee for Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry skills, training and education.
  • Re-focus the Australian Agricultural Colleges Corporation and restore the two residential agricultural colleges at Emerald and Longreach.
  • Commence an efficiency and performance review of SunWater.
  • Develop the 30 year water strategy and release for public consultation.
  • Release the 30 year electricity strategy discussion paper for public consultation.
  • Undertake a long-term South East Queensland bulk water price review.
  • Progress review of local management arrangements for Sunwater’s channel irrigation schemes.
  • Deliver the final report of the Electricity Sector Reform Inter-Departmental Committee.
  • Implement the first round of funding to help local councils meet the Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry recommendations.
  • Produce and publish Geology of Queensland to encourage resource exploration.
  • Implement simplified land management agreements for pastoral leases.
  • Establish an enhanced water quality monitoring framework for the Fitzroy River to support pilot mine water release project.
  • Enable conversion of exploration gas wells to water bores where suitable.
  • Commence implementing the Bowen Basin infrastructure plan.
  • Coordinator General assess applications for eco-tourism on Great Keppel Island.
  • Establish Economic Development Queensland.
  • Deliver a business plan for the Queensland Reconstruction Authority to June 2014 that includes transition arrangements.
  • Implement the Drive Tourism Strategy to encourage drive visitors to explore regional Queensland.
  • Finalise Commonwealth Games master planning.
  • Implement the $20 million Tourism Investment Plan.
  • Deliver a Queensland small business strategy and action plan.
  • Announce new routes for innovative high productivity heavy vehicles across Queensland.
  • Announce the first wave of waterways projects under the Marine Infrastructure Fund.
  • Commence turn left on red trial at the Gold Coast.

Environment and Resources

  • Establish the Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership Science Panel and hold first meeting.
  • Announce successful projects as part of the $2 million Healthy Waterways Program to improve waterway health in South East Queensland.
  • Implement a framework and partnership for best management programs for the sugar cane growing and cattle grazing industries to better protect the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Streamline environmental impact statements terms of reference.
  • Publicly release performance information relating to environmental assessments and approvals across the state.
  • Release expression of interest (EOI) calling for sustainable ecotourism development initiatives in protected areas.
  • Develop an outdoor recreation strategy for protected areas.
  • Grant water licences to successful parties that tendered for unallocated water in the Flinders and Gilbert river catchments of the Gulf.
  • Launch the tender process to enable the release of unallocated water in the Baffle Catchment and the Great Artesian Basin.


Jim Vaughan


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