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QTPA Member Alert | Queensland State Government Six-Month Action Plan January-June 2013. (21/1/13)

Queensland State Government Six-Month Action Plan January-June 2013.

As the new Queensland government starts to obtain traction they have laid out their next six months action plan that will carry them through to June 2013.  In talking with Ministers and their advisers during the Turf Queensland Erosion Control Demonstration on the 16th of January, they advise that they are now starting to get rubber onto the road after the drastic steps that had to be taken to balance the state budget.  With this in mind it seems the next 12 months should be beneficial to industry.  I have attached for your benefit details on the published action plan.

The Newman Government yesterday announced its priorities for the next six months in the form of a Six Month Action Plan  January – June 2013, containing 148 priority actions across a range of areas.

A link to the full recommendations can be found here however priorities particularly relevant to industry include:

Commence implementing the government response to Queensland Skills and Training Taskforce final report recommendations

  • Develop the 30 year water strategy and release for public consultation
  • Consider and respond to the Independent Commission of Audit’s Final Report.
  • Release the 30 year electricity strategy Discussion Paper for public consultation
  • Undertake a long-term SEQ bulk water price review
  • Deliver the final report of the Electricity Sector Reform Inter-Departmental Committee
  • Establish Economic Development QLD
  • Finalise Commonwealth Games Master-planning
  • Expand the online business portal
  • Announce new routes for innovative high productivity vehicles in QLD
  • Deliver a QLD small business strategy and action Plan
  • Release the Freight Strategy for QLD for consultation
  • Commence construction of 1 William Street
  • Implement recommended changes to QLD’s criteria for both State sponsored skilled migration visas and business migration visas
  • Publicly release performance information relating to environmental assessments and approvals across the state.
  • Respond to recommendations from the Parliamentary Inquiry into the workers’ compensation scheme.
  • Commence review of Queensland property legislation.


Jim Vaughan


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