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QTPA Member Alert | Red witchweed found near Mackay (18/7/20130


Biosecurity Queensland has confirmed that a serious exotic weed, red witchweed (Striga asiatica), has been found near Mackay.

Samples were collected and have been identified by the Queensland Herbarium.

While the weed has been confirmed on one property, information to date suggests that the infestation may be on a small number of other properties in the immediate area.

The affected property is being placed under movement restrictions which means no equipment, soil or plant material is allowed to be moved on or off the property without approval.

While our priority is to minimise the biosecurity risks, we will continue to work with the owner to ensure some business continuity.

Biosecurity Queensland has established a response program including a local control centre in Mackay.

Potentially affected plant industries have been notified and Biosecurity Queensland is working with industry representatives to provide information to producers.

We are urging producers to check their crops and report anything they suspect could be red witchweed.

Producers are urged to report any suspect weeds to Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23.

Further information on red witchweed is available from


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