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Rural Water Use Efficiency Irrigation Futures

Over the past 8 years Turf Queensland has been supported by the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM) through an industry program known as the “Rural Water Use Efficiency Irrigation Futures” (RWUEIF). Turf Queensland is currently surveying 50 turf producers across the state to answer a number of questions relating to Water and Energy Use Efficiency, reduction in waste and increased yield as a result of Precision Agriculture uptake identified through the RWUEIF program.

Currently to date we have visited and interviewed 30 turf farmers in South East Queensland. Another 20 will be interviewed face to face in North Queensland which will occur in the New Year. Below are some interesting figures and data relating to the natural turf production industry in this state to date.

Average farm size54 ha per farm
Number of turf farms in Queensland110
Total amount of turf grown annually in Queensland59,400,000 m2 P/A
Total turf harvested per annum (1.8 harvests P/A)106,920,000 m2 P/A
Total state revenue at an average of $4 per meter from the turf production industry in Queensland.$428 million P/A
Average farm investment over the past 8 years -much of which has occurred over the past 4 years.$1,112,000
Expected future planned investment per farm over the next 3 years$2,014,000

If any further information is required for clarification please don’t hesitate to contact the writer accordingly. I’m sure you will find this of interest. Another update and a full Fact Sheet will be issued prior to the end of the project in May 2018. This along with industry specific magazine content will provide updates on our industry in this state.

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