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Farm Business Resilience Program for Queensland Turf Farmers

This program is jointly funded through the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund and the Queensland Government’s Drought and Climate Adaptation Program.

Make a difference for your tomorrow. Turf Queensland can help you identify and manage business risks through the development of your resilience plan. 

Farm Business Resilience Program (FBRP)

Designed for farmers to assess risks, the Farm Business Resilience Program allows for Drought Assistance grants and future funding. 
Do you have a water wise project that needs a $50,000 grant?
Do you need a helping hand to start your Farm Business Plan?
Turf Queensland has the support to make this easy for you. 

Transparency, communication and implementation are the real end goals of this program. The Farm Business Resilience Program provides an opportunity for reflection and moving forward, in alignment with your business vision and mission. And Turf Queensland are here to help! 
Turf Queensland can help you subsidise this. Just ask us how

The key objective of developing a Farm Business Resilience Plan is to instill sustainability and resilience into your business, your farm, your family. To develop a plan that is tailored to you.  

Turf Queensland are working with Moshie, a consultancy team, who are offering TQ members support in gaining a clear business direction. Moshie is a boutique consultancy business that works in the Agribusiness, Horticulture, Transport and Engineering spaces. They are based in the Gold Coast and are a fantastic resource. 
Moshie specialise in enabling efficiency, profitability and overall business improvement. They are working with growers, to identify goals, risks, strategies and actions to build a plan that is real. 

Drought assistance grants and funds

A Farm Business Resilience Plan is required in order to apply for drought assistance grants and loans. This is the main driver of this project – to ensure farms are planning and are prepared for drought, in order to assess funding.
The program is open to all primary producers without the need of a drought declaration, at current. Farmers across all industries are taking part in this project.
Whilst the Farm Business Resilience Program is currently funded by and in preparedness for drought, this is an excellent opportunity to utilise our support and consultations to get a fully loaded, holistic business plan. Once your priority risks are identified and planned for, there is professional advice available for further advice on specific loans available.
It is important to note that in order to apply for drought assistance grants and loans, a Farm Business Resilience Plan is currently required. We are recommending to all farm businesses to act sooner than later and take advantage of the support within this space that are currently offered. And to be ahead of the game, as we envision Farm business plans to be a requirement within future government grants applications.

Where to start?

  1. Download and complete the checklist
    Templates, Guidance and Checklists are found here. Or contact
  2. QFF Farm Business HourRecommended
    Register to attend QFF’s monthly webinars, every last Wednesday of the month at 4pm, or watch the recordings. This series of webinars runs over a different type of risk each month and would be a valuable starting point to get into the headspace of farm business, risk management and resilience planning. 
  3. Consult with Moshie 
    Contact to put you in touch with a consultant.
  4. Develop plan and review, within consultation with Moshie
  5. Submit your plan to QRIDA
  6. Build a more resilient business!

The Moshie Model is to build in action into your business plans and to ensure effective change. This is discussed in how to better run your business, to process map and to look for efficiencies. Building your Farm Business Resilience Plan with Moshie is bigger than drought. It is the pathway to increase value, to drive efficiencies and to work smarter.  


  • Get started
  • Be proactive
  • Communicate!
  • Take the opportunity, now.

Contact Natalie for more details: or 0419 103 863