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Turf Queensland (TQ) is the recognised industry peak body in this state, and has been involved in the growth of professional natural turfgrass production across all areas of the state over the past 2 decades since its inception. It is this ongoing dedication to professionalism and building business quality that differentiates the Turf Queensland member and the Turf Accredited Producer (TAP) from other Queensland turf production businesses. TQ member companies are involved through the dedicated development of research, education, market awareness extension and the protection of our state environment. They remain the leaders in the supply of quality natural turfgrass across Queensland. Turf Queensland works alongside the national peak industry body Turf Australia who addresses the broader national interests of the levy paying turf producers across the country and interfaces with Hort Innovations the Federal government’s agriculture and horticulture arm, with Turf Queensland is dedicated state-based issues requiring national focus.

NB: membership of Turf Queensland provides a 2 for the price of one benefit as it also supplies membership and benefits of the national Turf Australia Association for the one price

Turf Queensland is recognised by the State local and Federal governments as the recognised turf industry peak body in Queensland. TQ represents the natural, quality turf grass growers and related stakeholders in the state on the various diversified local and state issues that affect the professionalism, efficiency and profitability of the turf industry in Queensland. Turf Queensland provides total state coverage including workshops, field days, research, newsletters and continuous real time information and updates via the member only turf alert process on critical issues supporting its member base that contributes $327 million in GDP to this state in 2018 (See Turf Queensland’s Facts and Figures).

Click here to Join Turf Australia and become a member of Turf Queensland


  • Direct opportunities for TQ members to have their say on the future of the turf production industry in Queensland.
  • Only Turf Queensland members have access to the recognised 3rd party audited Turf Accreditation Producer (TAP) process providing a quality product and delivering risk protection to end users.
  • Access to on farm technical support through Turf Queensland’s expert contractors on water and energy use efficiency, productivity and profitability programs state wide.
  • Access to the bimonthly “Members Only Turf Stuff” newsletters.
  • Access to the “Members Only” electronic real time “Turf Alert” process covering issues of importance to the turf industry, your business and product.
  • Access to up-to-date information from all levels of government on natural disaster recovery support.
  • Representation to all Natural Resource Management groups across Queensland.
  • Continuous direct promotion on the benefits of natural turfgrass to all regional councils and landscape architects in the state on turf related issues.
  • Promotion, awareness and education of up-to-date turf related issues through workshops, shed talks, field days and expos across Queensland.
  • Awareness and access to “Members Only” on government incentives and initiatives through Turf Queensland state and local government representation.
  • On farm staff education training programs are supplied to members through related registered training organisations.
  • Promotion and marketing programs available to “Members Only” utilising the Turf Queensland logo and the TQ/TAP promotions.
  • And of course your membership fees are tax deductible and include membership to Turf Australia.


The Queensland turfgrass industry has a major demand chain that affects and touches all of our lives in some way. Turf producers control the supply and demand chain directly to the end user. The demand chain includes:

  • Building and Construction.
  • Environment-in Particular Clean Water.
  • Sports and Recreation.
  • Open Space Park Lands.
  • Health and Lifestyle.
  • Infrastructure Projects.

THE INDUSTRY IN 2018-03-21

  • 19,700,000 m² of natural turfgrass is grown in Queensland alone.
  • 100 turf grass producers across the state.
  • Turfgrass annual Queensland State GDP is $327 million.
  • There are 4 main commercially available warm season turfgrass varieties (and over another 20 varieties available) grown in Queensland to suit the diversity of state conditions; Couch, Buffalo, Zoysia and Kikuyu.
  • There are approximately 700 FTE’s employed within the Queensland turf production industry with double that with casual employment especially in summer.
  • Natural turfgrass is a proven soil, sediment and nutrient environmental filter and reduces and controls soil erosion and noise.
  • There is more cultivated and managed natural turfgrass grown in Australia than any other crop. This includes the numerous sporting fields and open space Park lands.


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