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2019 Report Card results released S E QLD HEALTHY WATERS

2019 Report Card results released

There have been exciting improvements in Moreton Bay this year with a reduction in mud and further expansion in seagrass coverage. The 2019 results reveal that mud in the shallower regions of Moreton Bay has been redistributed to deep areas in Central Bay or removed from the Bay entirely.

This improvement highlights the resilience of Moreton Bay to recover and rejuvenate, so long as it has relief from regular pressures. Recent less than average rainfall has brought respite for Moreton Bay, giving time for natural processes to flush the mud out of Moreton Bay. As a result, Moreton Bay has better water quality and more seagrass, meaning a healthier ecosystem.

View the 2019 Report Card results
View video of Prof Stuart Bunn releasing the 2019 Report Card results
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