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Lawn Armyworm or Lawn Grub

Armyworm (or the more common name, lawn grub) is a moth caterpillar that feeds on the turf foliage at night. The grubs come in large numbers and can cause rapid damage as they move across turf areas. An indicator that Armyworm is in your lawn is the presence of birds feeding in the early morning or late afternoon on grubs, or red/brown wasp like insects on top of the lawn. Armyworm can be sprayed with any Lawn Grub killer or Acelepryn. As a prevention we recommend you maintain your lawn with regular mowing during the warmer months of October through to April.. The eggs are laid in masses of 600-700 eggs that are covered with long, light brown hairs, these felt-like egg masses are cemented to leaves of trees and shrubs or on buildings close to lights and are often found on eaves and open ceilings. Brushing the egg masses off helps to physically control the insect, (we do not recommend hosing the eggs as this will wash the eggs into your turf).