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Farm Safety Resources

The following resources are available to turf farmers covering on farm safety

Child Safety on Farms Guide

Farm Machinery Guarding Guide

Farm Workshop Safety Guide

Grain Handling Safety Guide

Guarding Grain Auger Guide

Safe Cattle Handling Guide

Safe Tractor Operation Guide

Safe use of Quads and Side by Side Vehicle Guide

Farm Safety Series: Assessing Stockyard Risks: Working in stockyards is an essential part of life on a farm, but it can be dangerous. NSW Farmer and Vet, Tom Graham, takes us through four easy steps for making sure that your stockyards are safe, to help you avoid injury and liability.

Farm Safety Series: Assessing Machinery Guarding Risks: Working with machinery is a key part of farming. But accidents do happen. NSW Broadacre farmer, Peter O’Connor, shows us a four step process for making sure that your machinery is guarded and keeping you and your workers safe, to help you avoid injury and liability.

Facts about Orf: Orf is a contagious viral skin disease acquired from infected sheep and goats (scabby mouth disease).

Drugs and Alcohol in the Shearing Industry: A shearing industry stakeholder group have developed a policy document that can be applied to shearing operations. A poster has also been created for display in the shearing shed that outlines the safety responsibility of all members of a shearing operation. Both documents can be accessed from the Australian Farmers website here.

Machinery Guarding to Improve Safety – Radio Community Service Announcements

Machinery Guarding – Radio CSA (30 secs)
Machinery Guarding – Radio CSA (15 secs)
Machinery Guarding: A quick guide for safety – Information Sheet

Additional farm safety resources and practical guidelines that you can download are available from the Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety Website via the link below.

Resources for Farmers



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