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Brisbane Queensland

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Over the past years Turf Queensland the recognised state industry body, has forged ahead delivering positive benefits to our members. We have undertaken farm visits, provided dedicated turf production workshops, field days and seminars.

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Benefits of Natural Turf Grass

With our love and relationship with the outdoors, natural turfgrass lawns are seen as a strong part of what it means to be Australian. A good quality lawn will enhance and add value to your residential property and provide a safe, healthy surface for your family to work, rest and play on. A healthy quality lawn will reduce run-off and can increase water infiltration into your soil. It will also cool the environment around your home

Who is Turf QLD

The Queensland Turf Producers Association (QTPA) now trading as Turf Queensland, commenced in March 2001 and believed it was timely to represent the growing professional industry of turf production in this state. In so doing a Strategic Development Plan was undertaken to support, in a sustainable professional manner, the growth of turf production as an intensive agriculture sector across Queensland. As the recognised Queensland industry support body for turf production the development of our Core Purpose was undertaken (see below). As is the case with all industry associations the development of member benefits was paramount and addressing the various issues identified by members through the inclusive research of the strategic plan has provided considerable direction for the executive of the Association. As an integrated industry with over 130 turf grass producers across the state covering 1700 ha and providing a gross state product of $160 million per annum it is critical that we work alongside other related stakeholders, sponsors, research institutions and our members to continue the growth in professionalism and awareness of this key industry supplier to our main pillar industries.

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What our members says about us

Following Turf Qld’s inception in 2001, I was a director for several years, and came to know all the individuals who helped form the bond between producers, making it stronger each year. Turf Qld. Under the stewardship of Jim Vaughan has initiated many projects to help us as turf growers understand our costs of production, and look at industry benchmarks in order that we can improve individual farm efficiencies. As well, our environmental awareness has been sharpened and improvements made to benefit our operations and the community at large. Many projects have been initiated with Qld Govt. to identify where improvements can be made to save on power costs and improve irrigation water efficiencies. Thru educational conferences, workshops and farm visits the turf producing community has grown into a strong organization of individuals who share values and a great camaraderie.

Turf Queensland (TQ) represents the quality turf producers from Queensland to the Northern Territory. TQ supports turf farmers with promotion to market and specifiers in line with the appropriate codes and laws. TQ represents its members across all levels of government and assists in liaison with various related organisations such as architects, regional government, sporting stadiums and environmental and erosion control engineers.TQ has proved to achieve consistency of product andimplemented the first industry level quality assurance program across the states. The Queensland Association provides valuable workshops, field days and specialty events that keep our industry up to date with innovation and technology. Turf Queensland has assisted us considerably in developing best management systems to the point where our efficiencies and sales have improved noticeably.

I would like to confirm that being a member of Turf Queensland helps my business by providing physical support and networking with issues that we often can’t deal with effectively on our own. Having an experienced independent professional body that can approach bureaucrats, or researchers, and work through the diversity of processes to make sure we meet high standards in our industry that is essential to us as professional growers. It is an investment in our businesses where the growers are stakeholders and beneficiaries.

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