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The search is on for electric ants. Book your yard check today and help eradicate electric ants from Far North Queensland.

Red Imported Fire Ants and Electric Ants are among the worst invasive species in the world. They have the potential to impact on our outdoor lifestyle, unique environment and profitable agriculture.

With your help we have the best chance of ridding Queensland of these pests.

Join the ant hunt today! Select which ant you are hunting from the links below.

  • Fire ants
  • Complete the yard check report if you have any suspect ants or nests on your property. It is as important that you report to us if you haven’t found anything.
  • Electric ants
  • Links to information about electric ants in Queensland, the eradication program, Biosecurity zone maps and movement controls
  • Yellow crazy ants

Contact Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Biosecurity. PH: 13 25 23.


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