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Turf QLD Industry Alert |Safety in seven industry sectors targeted including horticulture.

Workplace Health and Safety and Electrical Safety Office, Workers Compensation Regulators

Safety in seven industry sectors targeted including horticulture.

Seven Queensland industry sectors have been identified as requiring targeted efforts to improve safety in order to keep the state’s work injury rates trending down.

Recent statistics show that the serious injury claim rate for the targeted sub-sectors, including the metals manufacturing, meat processing, road freight, civil construction, construction trades, horticulture and livestock sectors were much higher than each overall industry claim rate.

“Although the rate of workplace deaths and injuries in this state is lowering, it’s no reason to ease up on work safety,” Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations Grace Grace said.

“We know that jobs in the these industries often involve hard, physical, dirty work—but these workers have as much right to a safe workplace as those in other industries.

“Workplace Health and Safety Queensland will work closely with businesses in these sectors to identify the most prevalent injuries and what is causing them. We will look at the financial impact of injuries on their business, as well as the impacts on workers and their families.

The Horticulture industry action plan highlights:

  • design controls for on farm transport of workers and loading and unloading of produce and equipment
  • establishing partnerships with research institutions to improve safety
  • establishing safety networks in major horticultural growing regions
  • initiatives and resources to raise awareness and build industry capacity to manage musculoskeletal disorders, psychosocial and chronic disease risks.

“Injuries in these sectors make up a significant proportion of the state’s workers’ compensation claims,” Ms Grace said.

“If we can improve safety where we know the injuries are happening, it benefits everyone.”


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