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Turf QLD Industry Alert |Townsville Remains in Level 3 Water Restrictions

Townsville Remains in Level 3 Water Restrictions

Turf Queensland continues to watch the water restrictions applying in the Townsville area. Pumping water from the Burdekin at this time is filling a small gap. We all hope that the wet season is kind to our industry members and partners in the Townsville area.

Guaranteeing Townsville‘s water supply continues to take priority in the Townsville City Budget 2017/18 with funding for the purchase and pumping of water from the Burdekin.

The Townsville City Council has allocated $5.5 million for the purchase and pumping of 20,000 Mega litres of water, the equivalent of five months of continual supply.

Importantly Mayor Cr Jenny Hill said the recent funding guarantees from both the Queensland Government and LNP Opposition to fully fund the infrastructure to solve Townsville’s water security solution would save a huge additional capital cost.

“The funding guarantee takes a huge pressure off council in terms of potential capital costs and vindicates the work we have done through the Water Taskforce to make water security a priority for government,” Cr Hill said.

“That means our big focus in the Budget is on making sure the city has a guaranteed water to take us into next year should the drought continue.

“The budget will fund five months of pumping that combined with reserves in the dams and Level 3 water restrictions, will secure the city’s water supply well into next year even without rain. “While we were only required to pump for around three months this year, we’re making sure we have a plan in place that covers every contingency for our community.

“Pumping water to Townsville comes at a substantial cost, but the savings and efficiencies we are achieving right across council means we are able to absorb those costs without having to pass them on to ratepayers. Dam levels of 15% will trigger pumping action.

“We will also be working with the community on a range of water conservation measures and incentives to make our water stretch further.


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