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Commercial turf production – capital items

The following equipment is likely to be required for small- to medium-scale production of warm-season turf grasses. The capital items required will vary with the systems and extent of operations adopted by individual enterprises.


  • Tractor
  • Chemical store
  • Irrigation system, e.g. centre-pivot or travelling irrigator
  • Irrigation infrastructure (supply lines, pumps and fittings)
  • Machinery shed
  • Fencing
  • Office with a telephone, facsimile, computer and/or printer
  • Staff toilets and lunch room

Specialised machinery

  • Mowing equipment
  • Turf cutter
  • Heavy goods vehicle and forklift for bulk delivery and unloading at the customer’s site
  • Compost spreader
  • Spray equipment (separate tanks for herbicide)
  • Fertiliser spreader
  • Cultivation equipment for land preparation and levelling
  • Roller
  • Pallet system


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