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Commercial turf production – variable expenses

Consult an accountant or another professional who can assist you in developing a strong financial model for your business before commencing production.

The following lists show some of the variable expenses involved in producing warm-season turf grass for sale as sod. Factors such as the species/cultivar choice and time of planting will influence production practices and therefore the costs involved.

The lists exclude marketing costs, which are normally undertaken by individual enterprises. Add-on services can include turf installation and maintenance.

Land preparation

  • herbicide pre-treatments (multiple)
  • fumigation
  • rotary hoeing – fuel/oil
  • disc harrowing – fuel/oil
  • levelling
  • fertilisers
  • labour


  • foundation sod
  • equipment – fuel/oil
  • labour


  • fertilisers
  • organic amendment, e.g. poultry litter, vermicastings
  • labour

Weed control

  • herbicides
  • mowing – fuel/oil
  • mower blades
  • labour

Pest and disease control

  • insecticides
  • fungicides
  • miticides
  • labour – spraying and monitoring


  • water charges
  • electricity – pumping
  • irrigation and pump repairs and maintenance
  • labour

Rolling (optional)

  • equipment – fuel/oil
  • labour


  • turf cutter – fuel/oil
  • turf cutter blades
  • labour – cutting and stacking
  • transport – fuel, oil, labour
  • pallet collection – labour


  • royalty payments per metre cut (licensed cultivars)
  • industry levy (per metre cut)


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