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Over past years Turf Queensland has forged ahead delivering positive benefits to our members from Far North Queensland down to the border and out to western regions. This includes farm visits and seminars all targeting the delivery of increased benefits for our Turf Queensland members.

Turf Queensland provides excellent value for its membership basically being too organisations for the price of one. As a member you enjoy the services of both the state and national associations. Below are a few of those benefits:

  • Turf Queensland concentrates on its members, local state regulatory and legislative issues and of course its local market place involving residential, local government engineers and architects who are the specifiers.
  • Turf Queensland provides the first 3rd party audited Turf Accreditation Program (TAP) in Australia allowing the end users to identify quality producers.
  • Turf Australia is the interface with Hort Innovations and concentrates on industry innovation, research and development, networking opportunities such as national conferences and field days, input into the expenditure of industry funds through the turf levy.
  • The point here is that you obtain excellent industry insight from two professional organisations for the very low price of one.

Our turf production industry in this state over the past years has had its own challenges with considerable drought and a number of floods occurring from cyclones and large rain events. It is either feast or famine, however that is the life of the turf farmer. It is through unity that we are able to assist each other and the invaluable networking that takes place cannot be underestimated.

Turf Queensland along with the other state turf associations assist the consumers to better understand and appreciate the diverse benefits of turfgrass and provide members with valuable information, influence and the various networks that improved business profitability.

Membership costs:

  • An Ordinary Membership applies to a turf producer and the costs for one financial year from July to June, is $550 plus GST of $55 making a total of $605 for 2 associations.
  • An Individual Associate has a cost of $275 plus GST of $27.50 making a total of $302.50.
  • A corporate associate member applies to companies who are not turf producers but choose to have more than one representative the cost for one financial year is the same as ordinary membership.

For further information contact Turf Queensland on PH 07 3822 8662, or Turf Australia on  Ph 024588 5735.


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