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QTPA Member Alert |Queensland farmers are being urged to ‘Get Ready’ for natural disasters




Recent summers have seen a series of devastating cyclones and floods, as well as crippling drought. This summer the signs are there for an El Nino event with an “average” number of storm events predicted. The tail end of the dry season could see some bushfires where there are heavy fuel loads.

Farm owners across the state are encouraged to take steps now to minimise the possible impacts of bushfires, cyclones and any associated flooding. Taking preventative steps early can mitigate disaster damage, animal welfare issues, disease spread and financial loss.

The best way for your business to cope with a natural disaster is to forward plan. Time and clear thinking are luxuries in an emergency situation, which is why it is so important to be prepared.

Queensland can quickly move from drought to flood. Maintaining drains, contour banks and waterways to limit flooding will help to protect cropping land and reduce the spread of disease common in static flood water.

Livestock owners should review strategies for moving their animals in the event of flooding and bushfires. Designate safe paddocks that stock can be moved easily to and ensure there are multiple gates allowing easy access from any direction.

Safe paddocks during flooding will be located on high ground above historical flood levels. During the bushfire season, safe paddocks can be created with fire-breaks, or can be cultivated or heavily grazed paddocks with minimal vegetation located away from wooded bushland. Access to drinking water and feed will need to be provided in each of your safe paddocks as your stock may need to remain there for long periods of time.

The Queensland Government’s Get Ready checklist will help to protect property, business, livestock and crops. By getting ready now, you can save yourself a lot of heartache after a disaster event and recover more quickly.

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