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Please see below a promotion fronted by the Turfgrass Association in West Australia in the fight back against artificial, fake, plastic turf.

It is our belief that we need to come together in some coordinated fashion in a marketing campaign against the advances of artificial fake turf that they are making into our marketplace for natural environmentally friendly turfgrass.

The artificial marketing campaign snaps up all the positives of our natural turfgrass to sell them as benefits of Unnatural, Plastic, Rubber, Fake Artificial Turf that to say the least is totally NOT environmentally friendly.

The fact that it comes from recycled rubber tyres is evidence in itself as they are hard to recycle and get rid of in an environmentally friendly fashion.

We need to be clear that there is a huge amount of money being spent on factories and marketing for artificial turf to promote it into the future.

We all need to take notice of this as it is eroding our marketplace for residential, commercial and sports fields, who knows where it will be in 10 years time and what effect will have on our environment and revenues.

We have to commence programs to arrest the insertion now.


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