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Turf QLD Industry Alert |The Grass Is Always Greener With Natural Quality Turfgrass.

The Grass Is Always Greener With Natural Quality Turfgrass.

There is currently plenty of competition with Suburban Sydney dads who are going to great lengths to promote their lawns as the best kept in the street according to the Sydney Daily Telegraph.

Social media is now the site of serious rivalries as proud gardeners post pictures of their magnificently manicured lawns, fancy hedges and well-trimmed bushes.

Some are revving up the mower several times a day while others are turfing, watering and seeding around the clock.

It has been fantastic for the industry … there definitely has been movement to self-propelled cylinder mowers that were popular about 30 years ago but now they’re picking up again and it seems to be because of these groups. Lots of men want that striped look (and) the self-propelled mowers cut like a knife’s edge.

Natural turfgrass improves the sale value of your home, provides cooling around the house, provides a safe injury free area and an excellent cosmetic appearance with the feel good factor.

Turf NSW vice-president Stephen Vella said suppliers had been enjoying a double boom with money flowing from a raft of big infrastructure projects and small-time homeowners “taking more pride” in their lawns.

“It all bounces off each other because there has been a big consumption from all sectors,” he said. “There’s been good steady growth for the last 10 years but there’s a lot more awareness now.”


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