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Adaptation of warm-season turf grasses for tropical environments


Trials will determine how suitable different warm-season turf grass cultivars are for different tropical environments, along with their specific maintenance requirements.

This information is valuable for both turf producers and end users. Turf producers will gain confidence that well-adapted cultivars will produce good results for their customers in the chosen environment. Additionally, end users will be provided with a shortlist of the best adapted cultivars from which final choices can be made, based on their particular requirements.


Full titleAdaptation of warm-season turf grasses for tropical environments
DatesStart date: June 2010
End date: May 2013
Project leaderMatt Roche, +61 7 3824 9502
  • To gain a comprehensive understanding of the demands and tolerances of turf grass cultivars grown in the tropics
  • To outline the most appropriate selections for turf grass sod production in these climates
  • The development of practices for the optimal cultivation of quality turf grass in these regions
  • To broaden the range of cultivars that are commercially available for end users
  • Increased choice of turf grass at all levels of the tropical turf industry (producers, turf grass managers, landscapers, home owners etc.)
  • The potential for sod producers to develop new premium lines for their climatic area, leading to increased profitability
  • Improved efficiency in the growth and maintenance of turf grass, by the development of management practices which yield quality turf through cost-effective applications of irrigation, fertiliser etc.
Project staff
  • Matt Roche, Acting Senior Research Scientist
  • Jon Penberthy, Experimentalist
  • Lin O’Brien, Scientific Assistant
  • Horticulture Australia Limited
  • Darwin City Council
  • Mackay Regional Council


Collaborating agencies
  • Darwin City Council
  • Mackay Regional Council


Research locations
  • Mackay
  • Darwin


Contact detailsMatt Roche
Phone: +61 7 3824 9502


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