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Blue couch

Scientific nameDigitaria didactyla
CharacteristicsA popular choice with Queensland homeowners. It is widely naturalised throughout coastal Queensland, and is best adapted to acid sandy soils. Blue couch will tolerate low soil fertility, but at the same time responds to added fertiliser. Like green couch, it is a medium-textured turf best suited to being mown short (around 15-30 mm), but is more forgiving of the irregular mowing habits followed by many homeowners.

Blue couch does not produce underground rhizomes, and so is less invasive of garden beds than green couch. It has good drought tolerance and reasonable wear tolerance. The traditional Queensland blue couch is not shade tolerant, but the newer cultivars Aussiblue and Tropika show a moderate level of shade tolerance, at least as good as the more shade-tolerant cultivars of green couch.

  • Aussiblue
  • Queensland blue couch
  • Tropika


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