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Sarah-Jane Mason

General Board Member (2022-23)

As the daughter of a turf farmer, I swore as a teenager, that I would leave the hard life of being a farmer, and go away to find exciting new career paths. I really thought that by working for someone else in an office environment my life would be so much better.

After experiencing these other “exciting jobs”, mainly in Public Relations and hospitality, I learned why my Father choose to become a Turf farmer.

Returning to the farm, with my husband and children in tow, I have worked along side my father for over 15 years now. Putting the final beautiful touches on someones home with a gorgeous lawn always makes for a good day.

My experience as a wife, mother, daughter and Turf farmer has given me the unique perspective when talking to not only clients, but to others within the Industry as well. 

I have served on the original ICAC, as well as on the newer SIAP for Turf with Hort Innovation. Proudly, I have also spent over 5 years on the Turf Australia Board.

It is with great pride that I now serve on the Turf Qld Board. Through Industry representation, like the QTPA, our industry has weathered many a storm, and will continue to prosper into the future.