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Please take note of the recent detection of Yellow Crazy Ant in Lismore. Date: 8 June 2018.

The Yellow Crazy Ant (Anoplolepis gracilipes) is a highly invasive exotic pest that can build super colonies and seriously impact local fauna, agricultural production and ecosystems.  Unchecked, it poses a serious economic and environmental threat, so it is important that we prevent it taking hold in Tweed Shire. It is well known that the Yellow Crazy Ants are active in North Queensland appropriate work is being done by Biosecurity Queensland to contain this pest in that area.

Yellow Crazy Ants were found at various sites in Lismore CBD in May 2018.  Recent surveillance by the NSW Department of Primary Industries confirmed Yellow Crazy Ant was present throughout central Lismore and at a small number of locations in a wider radius.  This means it is now prohibited to move plant matter and soil (including lawn clippings, hedge trimmings, mulch, branches, woodchips and sand) from within the Lismore Movement Control Zone.

fire and yellow crazy ants   yellow ants on hand   yellow crazy ant

Please look out for Yellow Crazy Ants in your business (along with Red Imported Fire Ants), as everyone can help by being the eyes and ears on the ground to ensure the infestation of Yellow Crazy Ant in Lismore is contained.  It is good to familiarise yourself with what this highly invasive ant looks like.  Please regularly inspect your property for any sign of Yellow Crazy Ants or nests and report any suspicious sightings immediately, as this pest can spread rapidly.  Do not disturb the ants or nests or try to treat the infestation yourself as the ants will likely move location.

Another Biosecurity issue for the turf production industry to be aware of.

If you suspect the presence of Yellow Crazy Ants in your area, please report them immediately to Biosecurity Queensland.


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