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QTPA Member Alert |Old high risk work licences must be converted by June 30

Old high risk work licences must be converted by June 30

Queensland’s old style non-photographic certificates (Queensland Certificate of Competency) can no longer be used for high risk work, and if you still own one, you have until June 30 to get it converted to a photographic licence.

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland head Dr Simon Blackwood said that non-photographic certificate holders could convert their certificates at participating Australia Post Offices. From 1 July 2014, holders of a non-photographic certificate wanting to carry out high risk work will need to attend a registered training organisation to complete training and receive a photographic renewable high risk work licence.

High risk work licences are necessary to perform the following work:

  • cranes and hoist operation
  • forklift operation
  • rigging and dogging
  • scaffolding
  • pressure equipment operation.

Dr Blackwood said that the high risk work licence system was initiated in 2008, introducing a photographic and renewable high risk work licence.

“Formerly, high risk work licences were a combination of paper tickets and blue and yellow laminated tickets which did not require renewal,” he said.

“An extensive awareness campaign and transition program over the past seven years has highlighted the changes to licence holders and industry stakeholders. This has included letters sent to licence holders, newspaper and radio advertisements.”

“Licence holders were given extra time to change over from the old style non-photographic certificates, and this comes to an end at the end of this month,” Dr Blackwood said.

Further information

The photographic high risk work licences need to be renewed every five years and can be done online. If just a change of address is required you should use the online form or call Advisory Services on 1300 655 986 before completing the online renewal. More information is available at


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