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QTPA Member Alert | Qantas Club Discounts to TQ/TA Members


As you will be aware your membership of Turf Queensland also provides joint membership with Turf Australia, two for the price of one with all the benefits.

  •  Through your membership did you realise that if you are a current ‘Qantas Club’ member you can save $80/year on renewal.
  • If you are joining for the first time you save $220 on the joining fee.

It does not cost anything to be a member of the Qantas scheme, and all we need is your frequent flyer number to submit, then every year  Qantas  automatically charge you the discounted rate. If you are getting close to your renewal date, let us know so we can get you a saving. PLEASE MARK IN YOUR DIARY.

This is of course is only open to any TQ/TA member. These days quite a few growers travel extensively, and it is always a lot nicer to do business or relax in the Qantas Club lounge as opposed to the general departure areas.

If you are interested in obtaining discounts on your Qantas Club membership fees please contact Matthew Holmes a Turf Australia (07 3286 6601) who can assist you in doing so.


Jim Vaughan
Chief Executive Officer

26 Delancey St. Cleveland, Queensland Aust. 4163. : PO BOX 1643 Cleveland. QLD. 4163 Australia.
PH: (07) 3488 0916 : FAX: (07) 3488 0918 : MOBILE: 0407131025 : E-MAIL: : WEB:

 DISCLAIMER:  No responsibility or consequential damages arising from the use of this information will be accepted by Turf Queensland Inc.


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