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It has always been the case, since I can remember, that differentiation has been the name of the game.  Consider in relation to motor vehicles brands such as Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz verses Great Wall and Cherry for example. Or Channel or Christian Dior verses Kmart and Target. You have the choice of a high end differentiated quality product or a low-end mass produced product.  Costs of quality and differentiation are reflected in the price of the product.  A handmade quality product cost a lot more than the mass produced robotic made product.

Turf production is no different and Turf Queensland has offered the turf producer members Turf Accreditation (TAP) to ensure that the required differentiation in quality is available.  We have a range of turf grass with different varieties and species that has a varying degree of retail sell price.  Different business strategies with marketing (at a cost) positions brands so that they can take advantage of the market place.  This provides the end user with considerable knowledge based on their research that is readily available.

Our trends and habits certainly have changed.  For example did you know:

  • The estimated value of annual online retail sales has grown to $15 billion.
  • In 12 months our online retail sales has increased 20%.
  • 1.1 million motor vehicles were sold in Australia in 2012.
  • Motor vehicle car sales increased 18% in the last 12 months in Australia.
  • 58% of Australians now believe it is a good time to buy household products.  One would expect this includes house renovations that involves turf grass and landscaping.
  • 43% of Australians expect their families to be better off financially in 12 months time.
  • 12% of Australians expect their families to be worse off financially in 12 months time.

So you can see from the above the economy and of those forecasting the appropriate trends are positive about the outcome over the next 12 months.   The GFC has certainly taken its toll however it seems that people have now adjusted their budgets to suit.  There has been many well-known Australian companies close, go into administration or sold overseas, some say this was a correction that was needed in the market.  Now is the time to ensure your business products are differentiated against others by providing quality products and services.

The population in general is paying down their mortgages and reports from financial institutions show that the household savings rate is up.  There is certainly a general feeling of positivity in the marketplace.  On top of this we have a Federal Election occurring later in the year.

Whilst there is a trend for “DO IT YOURSELF” with businesses such as Bunnings and Masters along with other major hardware outlets that have high demand on producers, there remains a high demand for the “DO IT FOR ME” time short consumer that demands timely quality.  One thing is sure these people are well researched (and seeking more information) with the availability of the Internet and we need to make sure we are positioned to capitalise on that research as we enter the next 12 months when opportunities will be provided.

As we head towards spring 2013 we must ensure our businesses are correctly placed to capitalise on this growth having come through so many years of downturn, drought, flood and price cutting.  We must ensure we do not under sell our product and end up with nothing to sell when the market increases due to growing and harvesting times.


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