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QTPA Member Alert | Turf Queensland’s Representation on Behalf of Members to the Minister for Local Government and the Local Government Association Queensland (LGAQ) (6/9/2012)

Turf Queensland’s Representation on Behalf of Members to the Minister for Local Government and the Local Government Association Queensland (LGAQ).

On Wednesday the 5th of September 2012 Turf Queensland had separate meetings with both the Local Government Association Queensland (LGAQ) and Minister David Crisafulli MP, the office for Local Government on behalf of our Turf Queensland member companies to promote the uptake of quality Natural Turfgrass and the Turf Accreditation Process (TAP) across their membership base of Local Government Authorities in Queensland.  Members will be aware that we have provided copies of our Turf pack to all local government authorities across the state recently with face-to-face visits. The LGAQ has as a result of this meeting, requested Turf Queensland to provide them with a specification that can be utilised within the Local Government Procurement Service (Local Buy) that is accessed by all Queensland Local Government Authorities.  Turf Queensland will develop that specification with the help of the board, for inclusion in their service to local authorities across the state.  In particular they are interested in the Turf Accreditation Process, Turfgrass species for different areas and maintenance cost reduction as well as Turfgrass utilisation for erosion control.  They advised that this may take up to eight months to get up on their website as there are considerable checks required.

The Minister for Local Government is extremely keen on visiting the Turf Erosion Control site at Redlands and the use of our Turf Accreditation Processes within his Local Authority constituents.  Prior to our meeting he was extremely naive on the use of natural Turfgrass to assist the environment, clean waterways, sport and recreation, tourist attraction and residential benefits.

For Turf Queensland member information following is dedicated to all Queensland Local Authorities and they use this for their tendering process.

Local Buy is the LGAQ’s procurement service, established in 2001 to aggregate the buying power of local government authorities, shorten procurement timeframes and streamline interactions between business and local government.
Local Buy contracts save government authorities time and money.
Purchase a diverse range of goods and services, up to any value, without the time consuming and administrative burden of following the Local Government Act 2009 requirements for seeking tenders or quotes.
Local Buy supports procurement in local government through our six main service disciplines:

  • Contracts – Access real dollar savings through 40 purchasing arrangements for goods and services used by your organisation
  • Vendor Panel – Create a Request for Quotation (RFQ) online, engaging Local Buy contractors through a transparent process
  • Managed Tender Services – Local Buy manages the entire tender process on your behalf or assists with component parts
  • LG tender box – Simplify your tender processes through efficient online tendering
  • Energy Services – Energy advice, audits and procurement services
  • Procurement Training Services – Specifically tailored to your council’s purchasing requirements
  • The Procurement Guide – Standardised procurement documentatin for local government authorities


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