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Turf QLD Industry Alert |Queensland turf industry recognition by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.

Queensland turf industry recognition by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.

Queensland Turf Farms in Good Health

A review of an advisory campaign carried out by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland and Turf Queensland on 54 turf farms across the state has shown that worker health as well as safety is being well-managed.

An initial visit to the farms focused on establishing what safety practices were in place, and providing information and resources for worker health and wellbeing. A second visit looked at what actions had since been implemented, what the benefits had been, and whether further support was needed.

The following highlights emerged in the review:

  • All farms had appropriate safety equipment and personal protection.
  • Dehydration and sun safety was addressed through either the promotion of these health risks and strategies to stay safe, such as regular hydration, or the provision of hats, glasses, sunscreen and water.
  • Education on safe chemical handling was a major activity for the majority of farms.
  • The main health issues were smoking, musculoskeletal injuries, mental stress and drug and alcohol use.
  • About 80 per cent of the farms prohibited smoking in company vehicles and around closed shed areas. Some had a total smoking ban. Prior to the campaign, many had no smoking policies in place that were not enforced – promotion and enforcement of no smoking policies were noticeably higher on the follow up visit.
  • Eleven farms committed to addressing the health and wellbeing of their workers, and 32 to broadening their toolbox talks to include healthy eating and the promotion of quitting smoking. Eleven farms planned to provide extra activities such as barbecues and physical activities like cricket, fishing and golf.
  • To improve the mental health of workers, Turf Queensland provided a number of farms with drug and alcohol information and local services they could access.
  • Six farms arranged for their local bank to provide financial budgeting information to their workers during lunch breaks.
  • One farm had a smart phone app that used a tracking device to notify workers of the arrival and departure times of trucks delivering turf.
  • Another instigated a health and wellbeing program for its workers, including initiatives such as chiropractic visits, quit smoking support for physical and mental health, and healthy eating facilities and a focus on health family food.

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