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Workplace Health & Safety

The goal of occupational safety and health programs is to foster a safe and healthy work environment.   This is a timely reminder that your organisation considers that your safety systems are in place to ensure the prevention of accidents occuring on your farms.  Turf Queensland has developed a Workplace Health & Safety Guide booklet which includes many of the forms required which may assist.  These forms can be downloaded and changed to include your own company names.

When undertaking their Turf Accreditation Process (TAP) many turf producers have been asking for names of WH&S auditors that can undertake an audit on their farms.



Unit 3, 104 Newmarket Road WINDSOR Q 4030

Phone: 3357 1655

Department of Justice -Workplace Health & Safety

Phone 1300 369 915


[prettyfilelink src=”” type=”pdf”]Workplace Health & Safety Guide[/prettyfilelink]


[prettyfilelink src=”” type=”doc”]Chemical Site Assessment Record[/prettyfilelink]

[prettyfilelink src=”” type=”doc”]COMPANY POLICY[/prettyfilelink]

[prettyfilelink src=”” type=”doc”]EMPLOYEE TRAINING REGISTER FORM[/prettyfilelink]

[prettyfilelink src=”” type=”doc”]INCIDENT REPORT FORM[/prettyfilelink]

[prettyfilelink src=”” type=”doc”]INDUCTION RECORD FORM[/prettyfilelink]

[prettyfilelink src=”” type=”doc”]INJURY ILLNESS FORM[/prettyfilelink]

[prettyfilelink src=”” type=”doc”]MASTER CONTROL MEASURE FORM[/prettyfilelink]

[prettyfilelink src=”” type=”doc”]RECORD OF CHEMICAL APPLICATION[/prettyfilelink]

[prettyfilelink src=”” type=”doc”]RISK ASSESSMENT FORM[/prettyfilelink]

[prettyfilelink src=”” type=”doc”]STAFF TRAINING REGISTER[/prettyfilelink]

[prettyfilelink src=”” type=”doc”]WORK TASKS AND STAFF COMPENTENCE RECORD[/prettyfilelink]


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