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African Black Beetle and Turfgrass

Adult black beetles invade turf environments during spring every year. They do some damage by feeding on the stems and roots of the grass plant, but generally this damage is not severe enough to warrant a beetle spray to control. When the moisture in the soil is suitable, the Beatles mate under the surplus and the female lays up to 80 eggs, about 25- 30 mm below the surface.


This usually occurs between the 3rd week in October and the 2nd week in December. They begin feeding on organic matter in the root zone, initially near the surface then moved deeper as they grow.


Most significant damage is caused to turf during mid-summer by the 2nd and 3rd instars. They damage roots, limiting the plant’s capacity to take up water and nutrients and extensive areas may turn Brown and die off, particularly if moisture is less than adequate.


There are a number of control options and should be discussed with your local Turf Queensland producer or chemical supplier.


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