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QTPA Member Alert |ACDC course and other (RRS turf plots) TURF ALERT (25/3/2013)

ACDC course and other (RRS turf plots) TURF ALERT

The following has been received from Matt Roach who these days since the demise of Lifestyle Horticulture within DAFFQ (now under horticulture general), has his own consultancy under Australian Sports Turf Consultants Pty Ltd.

It is in relationship to the running of an ACDC course at Grovely TAFE Mon 9 to Wed 11 April 2013.

At present they have only a few guys from STA QLD interested in completing the course, however they need 10 persons to run it. Needless to say it can be hard for our TAFE colleges to run such events if they don’t get the numbers. I’m hoping that some of your members (Turf QLD and GCSAQ) may be interested. If so, please contact Garry Lee direct. His details are on the attached PDF.


On a separate note, the renewal of warm-season turfgrass collection project with HAL (TU12001), otherwise known as the Redlands turf collection, was not supported by the Turf Industry  IAC on the basis of:

–          The plots have lived beyond the use-by-date and are of little new use (getting more use in awareness these days than previous)

–          The small pots (tubs) need to be maintained for PBR purposes by the beneficiaries of those PBR’s, not turf industry or levy funds that are located at Redlands, and

–          Does not align with the Turf Strategic Plan.

I received a phone call from HAL only about this just over a week ago and an official letter stating the above was provided to me only two days ago. I met with DAFFQ management today about the decision and what may occur as a result. Just to let you know, given that it was not supported by the Turf Industry (and it was by DAFFQ), that the collected is likely to be destroyed.

As yet I have not informed the wider turfgrass industry of the IAC’s decision. I’ll do this in an email to the national and international sports/turf bodies etc next week to let them know what has taken place. Very disappointing indeed.


Matt Roche  DApSc BApSc


Australian Sports Turf Consultants (ASTC) Pty Ltd

PO Box 1242, Coorparoo QLD Australia

m: +61 412 197 218




[prettyfilelink src=”” type=”pdf”]ACDC course[/prettyfilelink]


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