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QTPA Member Alert | Campaign to Target Truck and Trailer Fatalities

 Campaign to Target Truck and Trailer Fatalities

Several recent deaths in Queensland have been caused by trucks or trailers hitting workers because the vehicle has not been completely immobilised, or falling and crushing workers because proper load support or hoists were not used for the vehicle or trailer.

Investigations by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland have shown that in most of the striking incidents, the vehicle’s handbrake or wheel chocks were not used. Businesses should ensure their employees safely restrain their vehicles and trailers when they are working near or under a vehicle by:

• switching off the motor and removing the key from the ignition

• applying the handbrake

• using wheel chocks

• using load support or restraint, like stands or a lifting device (a hoist)

• installing a handbrake warning system to alert drivers when the handbrake has not been applied (these can be easily retro-fitted).





Wheels of the vehicle or trailer should be chocked before starting work on or around it.



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