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QTPA Member Alert | Crop Water Scheduling Using the “Scheduling Irrigation Diary” (4/6/2012)

Crop Water Scheduling Using the “Scheduling Irrigation Diary”

As you will all be aware Turf Queensland utilises and is an industry member of the in South East Queensland Irrigation Futures (SEQ-IF) and the Rural Water Use Efficiency (RWUE) programme in regional Queensland to assist our members with assessments and understanding water used efficiency and energy efficiency on a farm.  The Department of natural resources and mines developed a scheduling irrigation diary (SID) the use of our irrigators in Southeast Queensland only at this stage.  It is available to Turf Queensland members and a Fact Sheet is attached for your information.

The Scheduling Irrigation Diary (SID) is free to use web-based computer software designed to help irrigators make informed decisions about when and how much to irrigate.

SID simulates soil moisture conditions based on real time daily rainfall and evapotranspiration data from the Bureau of Meteorology to calculate an irrigation schedule for crops.

SID was developed through the South East Queensland Irrigation Futures (SEQ-IF) program at the University of Southern Queensland by the National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture. It is one of the software tools within the Knowledge Management System for Irrigation.

The SEQ-IF program is a partnership between rural industries (of which Turf Queensland is one) and the Queensland Government, through the Department of Natural Resources and Mines.

[prettyfilelink src=”” type=”pdf”]SID fact sheet final (2)[/prettyfilelink]


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