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QTPA Member Alert | Occupational Health and Safety “UPDATE 24 April 2012”

Occupational Health and Safety

High Risk Work Licenses: Expiry Dates Approaching

During 2007 a number of jurisdictions implemented changes to licensing for high risk work (e.g. dogging, rigging, scaffolding, forklifts). These new licenses, which were phased in over a number of years, have a five year lifespan.  In the jurisdictions that have introduced the Model WHS Laws the existing licenses will be recognised until their expiry date.

If you have workers who renewed their license in 2007, they will be heading towards an expiry date. If a worker continues to undertake work that requires such a license, after it has expired, both the employer / person conducting a business or undertaking, and the worker would be guilty of an offence.

Renewing a high risk work license is similar to renewing a driver’s license. There is no requirement to undertake any further training or assessment. Applications for renewal can be found on the website of the local OHS/WHS regulator.

Businesses should have systems in place to keep a record of license details and ensure that workers renew their licenses before they expire.


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