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QTPA Member Alert | MANAGING RISK (WH&S) (9/5/2012)


The Department of Justice and Attorney General -Workplace Health and Safety has advised that Workplace Health and Safety Queensland is investigating a fatal incident that occurred on Tuesday 8 May 2012 at Durong.

A tip truck driver died when he was working alone in an isolated area, preparing his tipper for the day’s operations. He was crushed between the cabin of his truck and a tree.

Could this happen anywhere your employees are working?

This alert is a reminder for you and your organisation to consider the effectiveness of your safety management systems in preventing an incident like this from occurring at a workplace.

For information on workplace health and safety visit the Workplace Health and Safety Queensland website at

In order to understand the Workplace Health and Safety requirements for Risk Management, and your obligations under the law you must consider and understand relevant legislation and codes of practice.

What law applies
Legal obligations, legislation, code of practice.

Understanding hazards and risks
Hazards, risks and the differences between them.

What is risk management
What could cause harm to people in your workplace.

The five steps
Five step risk management process

Occupational health and safety auditing
Understanding your obligations under the law.

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