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QTPA Member Alert |Staying in the Green Launched (Turf Cost Calculator)


As you know Turf Queensland developed the Turf Cost Calculator.  Members have asked for further assistance and training on the use of this tool.  Turf Australia has invested in this project and have now launched the new program “Staying in the Green.”

Turf Queensland, in conjunction with Turf Australia, are promoting a new program for turf growers. The aim is to build profitable turf businesses through a better understanding of production costs.

Turf growers can participate in workshops, either face to face or on line via a webinar, to learn how to use a cost of production calculator. They can use provided support materials to calculate numbers for their own individual business, backed up by telephone support.  

Workshops and webinars will commence in May 2014 and run through till the program concludes in May 2015.  Limited 1:1 support is also available.  

The webinars are really convenient as you can sit in the comfort of your own home office to learn, and still have the ability to ask questions as you go. You can even revisit the information later.

If you would like the answer to questions such as:

·         What price do I need to sell my turf for so that I make a profit?

·         Where can I reduce my business costs?

·         Which varieties will give me the best return?

·         What is the minimum amount I should charge for delivering turf? 

·         How much do I need to charge for installing turf?

Staying in the Green is funded by Horticulture Australia Limited using the turf levy and matched funds from the Australian Government, can help.

If you would like to be profitable, competitive and remain in the industry for the long term contact Jim Vaughan on ph 0407 131 025 or email to find out how to become involved.  Further information on the dates and venues of the workshops will be sent out in the coming weeks as well as posted on the Turf Queensland website.


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