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QTPA Member Alert |Tractor Fatality

Tractor Fatality

A recent fatality resulting from a tractor incident is a timely reminder about the fitting and wearing of seat belts on tractors.

The tractor had a ROPS but there appears to have been no seat belt. The incident wasn’t a roll over but involved the operator being dislodged from the tractor when it backed into a large wash out.

The Safe Design and Operation of Tractors Code of Practice 2005 states: A seat belt should be fitted to all seating positions on new tractors in accordance with AS2664  – Earthmoving machinery – Seat belts and seat belt anchorages. Seat belts should comply with AS/NZS 2596 – Seat belt assemblies for motor vehicles or with SAE J386.

Where the tractor is fitted with a seatbelt and a ROPS is present, it should be worn by the operator if the tractor is moving. This will provide additional protection in the event of a tractor rolling over by keeping the driver within the protective zone offered by the ROPS.


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