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Turf Industry Forum – WorkCover Website article on Agriculture microsite

On Tuesday, 14 May 2019 a turf industry forum was organised by Turf Queensland, bringing together the three main disciplines namely turf production, sports fields and golf courses. The forum was highly successful with 52 delegates across all areas giving the event a positive response.

Industry experts provided delegates with up to date information on a range of topics from workplace health and safety requirements to health and wellbeing.

Below is a list of the speakers with links to their presentations and recordings.

If you have any questions, please contact Jim Vaughan at Turf Queensland:

Phone 07 3822 8662

Mobile: 0407 131 025



Workplace health and safety compliance requirements

Kristie Smith, Senior Inspector in the Agriculture Unit
Workplace Health and Safety Queensland


Return to work – impact on people and premium
Evan Coombs, Customer Advisor Agriculture Industry, WorkCover Queensland

Natural Turf – Cooling the Urban Heat Island

Jim Vaughan, Turf Queensland


Mental Health

Peter ???, Lifeline


Managing risks of heat stress
Carolyn Topping, A/Director Occupational Health & Hygiene, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland


Transition to Bifenthrin – Chemical treatment of fire ants

Germán Perlaza, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries




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