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Turf QLD Industry Alert |ABS Water Account, Australia, 2013-14

ABS Water Account, Australia, 2013-14


Water Account, Australia presents information on the physical and monetary supply and use of water in the Australian economy, compiled in accordance with the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA). Water Account, Australia also provides information on the water use and consumptive practices of key industries (‘Agriculture’, ‘Water Supply, Sewerage and Drainage Services’) and households.

During 2013-14 an estimated 92,237 GL of water was extracted from the environment to support the Australian economy, as shown in Diagram 1.1. Of this amount, 12,979 GL was extracted (largely by the ‘Water Supply, Sewerage and Drainage Services’ industry (12,881 GL)) for distribution (supply) to industry and households.

Of the 79,258 GL of water self-extracted for own use by industry and households, the ‘Electricity and Gas Supply’ industry extracted 73,856 GL. The majority of this water was used for hydro-electricity generation, which is a non-consumptive use.

Total water consumption in 2013-14 was 18,644 GL. Of this, 16,772 GL was consumed by industry and 1,872 GL by households.

Diagram 1.1 provides an overview of key data and sets out the scope of the Water Account, Australia by presenting the flows of water within the economy and between the economy and the environment.



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