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Turf Tester

Agri-Science Queensland, a service of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF), has developed an automated turf traction tester that accurately measures the resistive force of turf, which tells us its safety as a playing surface.

The machine can be used as a management tool to better maintain sporting fields throughout the world.

Improvement to current technology

Current designs record readings manually, which affects accuracy. Users must also lift this heavy equipment to operate it.

The Turf Tester’s automated design overcomes these limitations.

Licence fees/royalties:
To be negotiated (normally through an open tender process)

Product owner:
State of Queensland, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF)

Release date:
Invitation for expressions of interest now open

Industry area:
Lifestyle horticulture – turf

Market opportunities

Potential markets include elite and council sporting fields, school ovals, and any other natural turf venues.

The technology may also interest sports shoe manufactures for use in shoe design.

Further modification of the design could reduce manufacturing costs, increase data recording capabilities, improve functionality and minimise the impact on the turf being tested.

Intellectual property

The intellectual property in the device is protected in Australia and overseas: Australian patent number 2004270767; international patent numbers PCT/AU2004/001236 and WO2005/024396.

DAFF is seeking individuals or entities interested in commercialising the innovation, with a view to obtaining a licence to manufacture, promote and sell the technology.

In the interim, DAFF may be interested in building a copy of the tester in order to aid appropriate sporting and other organisations.

For further information, please contact Agri-Science Queensland’s Commercialisation Unit (CU).


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