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Worker crushed under his own truck while unloading on a slope

In September 2018, a worker sustained serious crush injuries to his hand, leg, pelvis and torso, as well as a collapsed lung when he was trapped under the wheels of his truck while delivering timber and plasterboard. He parked the truck on a very steep driveway to unload using a vehicle loading crane with which he may not have been familiar. There were no witnesses to the incident, but skid marks on the driveway indicated the truck had slid approximately 11 metres before crashing into a retaining wall. It is not clear how the worker became trapped and investigations are continuing.

Preventing a similar incident

There have been incidents where truck drivers and others have been killed or seriously injured after being hit, pinned or crushed by the uncontrolled movement of trucks. The risk of a truck moving in an uncontrolled or unexpected manner must be managed by ensuring appropriate control measures are in place. The controls will vary depending on the type of truck and whether it is fitted with operating auxiliary plant such as a vehicle loading crane, concrete agitator, or concrete pumping boom. Controls may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • If possible operate the truck on flat level ground.
  • Do not drive or operate the truck on surfaces which are too slippery or soft.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to safely operate the truck or any attached plant, particularly in relation to:
    • maximum allowable ground slope
    • allowable ground conditions and restrictions for soft or slippery surfaces
    • any specific setup requirements including vehicle restraints (i.e. wheel chocks).



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