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Workplace Health & Safety

Workplace Health & Safety is an integral part of today’s Turf Production Industry, and exists to protect the welfare of employers, employees and the general public. Often the day to day pressure of running a business operation may leave the establishing of a Workplace Health and Safety System out in the back shed on the list of things to do.

It is for this reason that this simple guide has been compiled by the Queensland Turf Producers Association to help you establish and maintain a Workplace Health and Safety System. Forms and templates within this guide can be used to assist you to develop your Workplace health and safety program.  FREE OF CHARGE

[prettyfilelink src=”” type=”pdf”]Queensland Turf Producers WH&S Guide V2[/prettyfilelink]

[prettyfilelink src=”” type=”doc”]Chemical Site Assessment Record[/prettyfilelink]

[prettyfilelink src=”” type=”doc”]EMPLOYEE TRAINING REGISTER FORM[/prettyfilelink]

[prettyfilelink src=”” type=”doc”]INDUCTION RECORD FORM[/prettyfilelink]

[prettyfilelink src=”” type=”doc”]MASTER CONTROL MEASURE FORM[/prettyfilelink]

[prettyfilelink src=”” type=”doc”]RISK ASSESSMENT FORM[/prettyfilelink]

[prettyfilelink src=”” type=”doc”]WORK TASKS AND STAFF COMPENTENCE RECORD[/prettyfilelink]

[prettyfilelink src=”” type=”doc”]COMPANY POLICY[/prettyfilelink]

[prettyfilelink src=”” type=”doc”]INCIDENT REPORT FORM[/prettyfilelink]

[prettyfilelink src=”” type=”doc”]INJURY ILLNESS FORM[/prettyfilelink]

[prettyfilelink src=”” type=”doc”]RECORD OF CHEMICAL APPLICATION[/prettyfilelink]

[prettyfilelink src=”” type=”doc”]STAFF TRAINING REGISTER[/prettyfilelink]


Work Health and Safety Laws (Guide for Queensland’s Rural Industry):

Guide to the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Queensland):




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