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QTPA Member Alert | Environmentally Friendly Natural Turf Grass Achieves Acceptance. (24/1/13)

Environmentally Friendly Natural Turf Grass Achieves Acceptance.

As you will be aware on Wednesday the 16th of January 2013 we held a turf grass information day for our relevant Queensland Ministers (environment, natural resources, energy, water) as well as the local member for Cleveland and the Local Government Deputy Mayor for Redlands City Council at the impressive and informative Erosion Control Facility.  We also promoted our “Living Library” of 137 different turf grass species.

The report back by all those who attended was highly successful.  We now need to promote the uptake of turf grass wherever possible promoting environmentally friendly natural turf grass as an effective erosion control product and the use of Turf Accreditation (TAP) for risk reduction. In most instances this will be up to the turf producer even though Turf Queensland will continue to provide that awareness wherever possible on a regular basis with information distribution.

Attached is a media release that thankfully, has finally been picked up by someone even though it only made the local rural press newspaper.  We regularly provide and distribute media releases to our contact base but we find it exceptionally difficult to have them printed.  It’s good to have some success at last.  We utilise talkback radio wherever possible as an effective means of debate and awareness.


















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